Pim Martens

New Documentary!

New Book!

The e-book is free available at Global Academy Press. In return, a donation to the AnimalWise Foundation would be very much appreciated! A hard-copy can be ordered through Bol or Amazon.


Pim Martens is passionate to bring about the needed sustainable change in our relationship with nature and the animals we live with. This professor of ‘Sustanimalism’ has a PhD in applied mathematics ánd anthrozoology, is a scientivist, and integrates scientific knowledge with animal advocacy.


Dieren en duurzaamheid, daar zet Pim Martens zich volledig voor in. Deze professor ‘Dierzaamheid’ is gepromoveerd wiskundige én antrozoloog, wetenschapsactivist  en maakt zich in het dagelijks leven sterk voor goede relaties tussen mensen en dieren.