I am intrigued by the complexity and interactions between human and non-human animals and nature, and have published over 100 scientific publications on sustainability science, climate change, biodiversity loss, and our relationship with animals. Below some of the projects I am currently working at.

Supervision of PhD projects

  • Climate and ENSO variability effect on tourism in Aruba –together with Marck Oduber and others.
  • Biodiversity loss, ecosystem services and human health – together with Bram Oosterbroek and others.
  • A sustainable university: organisational transformation – together with Alex Baker-Shelley and others.
  • Sustainability through a better understanding of experienced based learning and open educational systems of schooling – together with Jos Eussen and others.
  • Religion reach-out for environmental sustainability – together with Dexon Pasaribu and others.
  • Climate proofing within a sustainable development strategy for Central American cities – together with Diego Ramirez and others.
  • University led research projects for regional sustainable development: Are higher education institutions real change agents? – together with Raphael Heereman von Zuydhwyck and others.
  • Detecting and analyzing assumptions and behavioral changes on green consumer attitude in relation to waste management through Big Data Analysis – together with Alessandro Concari and others.
  • Public attitude towards marine life, health and the environment in contemporary Chinese society – together with Mo Chen and others.
  • Effects of environment and social environment on infectious diseases in China: mining big data for early detection and mapping of health driven by climate change and other factors – together with Panjun Gao and others.
  • Educating for sustainability: Developing a student-centered view on sustainability in higher education – together with Melanie Feeney and others.
  • Urban green spaces and the biodiversity-health nexus in Colombo, Sri Lanka – together with Avanti Wadugodapitiya and others.


  • The role of religion and ethical ideologies regarding attitudes toward animals and nature – Fellowship Ethics of the Anthropocene Free University Amsterdam.
  • Animal Assisted Activities and Therapies in the MUMC+ – together with Marie-José Enders, Lilian Limpens, Rob Noordhoek, Rob Huppertz and others.
  • The stray dogs of Mauritius – together with Karen Soeters, Anneloes Smitsman, Kurth Barnes and others.
  • The role of animals and nature in learning for sustainable development: a Chinese perspective – together with Bingtao Su and others
  • Strengthening urban climate governance for resilient and sustainable societies in Thailand – with Han Aarts, Pakamas Thinphanga and others.
  • Spreading and relating EU affairs beyond the EU institutions – with Christine Neuhold and others.