The Future of Animal Rights

Over the past decades, many voices have emphasised our interdependence with the other species that inhabit the planet, as well as the need to recognise them as subjects of law. The recognition of animal rights is a historical appeal that has led to the creation of new legal instruments without losing sight of the need to envisage alternative forms of coexistence. This is a radical transformation which, given the acceleration of phenomena such as the loss of biodiversity, cannot be postponed and in which universities, as a space for reflection, research and dissemination, play a key role.

The Ministry of Universities has organised these sessions in collaboration with the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) to foster spaces for dialogue on contemporary problematics that form part of the Sustainable Development Goals. In these sessions, bringing together different voices from European universities, we will reflect on animal rights and our care obligations toward the other species with which we coexist. In our session, we will talk about different projects developed in Europe aimed at promoting a new legal and political framework for animal rights.

For (free) registration and live streaming see the CCCB website.

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