Climate March: walk the walk and talk the talk

September 17th, 2019

On the 20th of September, citizens of the world will once again take it to the streets to voice their concerns about climatic changes and the lack of action against it. The global day of action will take place just before the United Nations climate summit in New York. This voice of concern, started by the young generation, has been taken over by all.  Climate change poses an immediate and long-term threat to people and our planet. Universities, like Maastricht University, are uniquely equipped to shape the ideas, leadership and behaviour that will lead the transition to a sustainable future. However, too little is happening in the climate change arena, both in terms of research and teaching. And at the last strike, the scientific staff that walked amongst the students could be counted on one hand. Fortunately, things are changing; students demand it. I am happy we have started a ‘Climate Change Course’, were we do discuss how to act on climate change through research that occurs across disciplines, and policies taken throughout the world. Through teaching and research, and by providing our students with the tools to confront this issue for generations to come, we make a small step to a healthier, more sustainable future. This Friday, I will make even more steps by joining the students in the Climate March – hope to see many of you joining as well.

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